This free service is a demo of the SpaceTK functionality, which processes cubesat telemetry structures from FUNcube, interpreting the headers and the parameters, and generating as a result the dump of the interpreted contents.

It expects to receive as input a set of telemetry frames already extracted from the transmission stream. Usage information:

In case of problems or bad interpretation of your data, please contact us providing your data so we can investigate it.

Example frame (Just copy-paste and process it): 95114B113410FC00E6206400DB0538000016161616000003011BFCE1869CA7EA2A73332673BA2B6C629331853DD79C29596F15C62F084FE45468616E6B

Example file with multiple frames (obtained from SatNOGS Database): funcube-data.csv
(Open the file in a text editor and copy paste the contents, configuring the padding bytes to 20)

Decoded results:

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